Event Pictures

Pet Day
Animal Parade by our young preschoolers (Activity)
Trip To Zoo
Bule Day Play Group 2015
Rainbow Day Activity 2015
Cups of Colour (activity) 2015
Eid Mubarak
yellow Colour Day of play group
Welcome Party
First Day Of Preschool
Colour Red Day Sept 2015
Trip to Wonderworld (Apr 2015)
Closing of Transportation Theme (Apr 2015)
Preschool Role Play about Spring (Mar 2015)
Say Good Bye to Junk Food (Feb 2015)
Healthy & Junk Food (Feb 2015)
Preschool Apple Day 2014
Preschool Graduation Ceremony 2014
Closing of Animal Theme (Oct 2014)
Trip to Zoo (2014)
Sea Animals (2014)
Pet Day (2014)
Closing of Theme (Sep 2014)
Preparatory Rainbow Festival (2014)
Reception Rainbow Festival (2014)
Play Group Rainbow Festival (2014)
Sorting of Primary Colors (2014)
Preparatory Color Wheel Day (2014)
Reception Color Mixing Day (2014)
Play Group Yellow Day (2014)
Preparatory Purple day (2014)
Reception Orange Day (2014)
Play Group Red Day (2014)
Preschool Welcome Party (2014)
Preschool Hand Printing Day 2014
Community Helpers (March 2014)
Orange Day (March 2014)
Pupet Show (Feb 2014)
Grandparent's Day (Dec 2013)
Winter 2013@NGS
Green, Orange, Red Day
Pakistan Park Lahore
Roll Play Dolls
Paddle Pool Party
Laundary Day
Dental Check
Cultural Show
Community Helpers
Art Exhibition